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Simple Question: How often should you change your filter?

There are a few key components that dictate how frequently you should be changing your AC filter. Some are a little more obvious than others but all of them are important to keep in mind when, like a good Sherlock, deducing your AC filter changing rotation.


The Number of People or Pets In Your Home

It stands to reason that the more people or pets in your home, the more contaminants present in the air. So you’ll need to change you filter more frequently to ensure adequate filtration and clean air. A good rule of thumb is subtracting 30 days of your filter’s life cycle for every person or pet.

If you have one dog or cat, changing your filters every 60 days should be your goal. If you’ve got a menagerie of pets, monthly is necessary to keep dander and allergens at bay.

What Type of Air Filter You Have

Of course, the type of filter you have plays a role, as well. The MERV rating system takes all aspects of your filter into consideration and the higher the rating, the better the filter is for keeping the air clean. Your filter will also give you guidelines to replacement timeline, too, based on standard use.

Keep in mind the highest number isn't always the best for your system. If a filter is "too" good, it will also be hard for your system to pull air through it. This leads to unnecessary strain on your AC and can eventually lead to a costly repair.

Allergies, Allergies Everywhere

Couple laying in the grass
Lets keep these allergens outside!

Living in Florida comes with the great sunshine and beautiful beaches. But with all that coastal territory also comes moisture and in turn, mold. If you or anyone in your home suffers from allergies, be it mold, seasonal or otherwise, you’ll want to change your filter every 30-45 days to ensure everyone can breathe easy.

Side Note: indoor air quality, especially with respect to allergens, can be controlled with more than just the filter. Here at ChillTech we offer purification solutions as well.

How Much You Use Your HVAC System

The more you use your system the more frequently you need to change your filter. Once a month is a standard protocol during Florida’s hotter seasons and if you like to keep your house on the frosty side, then you’ll need to ramp up your filter-monitoring efforts, as well.

However, if you use your house as a vacation home and are only there for partial spans of time in the year, then you will most likely need your filter changed every 6-12 months.

Still not sure? Contact ChillTech today to get a better idea of what you should be doing to keep your HVAC systems humming along smoothly.

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Christian Wright
Christian Wright
Apr 19

Impressed with the thoroughness of the HVAC Contractor Sunrise company in changing our air filter. It's a small task but makes a big impact on our home comfort.

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