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Our Promise for all ChillTech Services

Friendly Service

When you choose ChillTech for your Air Conditioner Service Provider you become a part of the ChillTech Family. 

Upfront Pricing

We will always provide you with a detailed quote and explanation of services prior to any AC Service being started!

Licensed & Insured

We meet or exceed all local or state standards and only use certified parts from trusted brands for our services

air conditioning technician cleaning an air duct vent

AC Duct Cleaning

Just like your bookshelves, your Air Conditioning ducts can accumulate dust, pollen, pet dander, and everything in between. These particles not only reduce the air flow of your unit, but as the AC runs, some of those particles are pushed out into the air you breathe. 

Regular duct cleaning is a proven way to reduce allergens in your home and can have a real, tangible affect on the air quality and health

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Key components of our AC Duct Cleaning process

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It all starts with an inspection

In order to properly clean your air conditioner's ducts, we first must ensure that there are no leaks or other ways that dust can enter your system. Our technicians will arrive prepared to repair any damage found prior to cleaning.

Removal, Cleaning, and Replace Vents

We will remove and clean the both the supply and return vents of accumulated dust and debris. If a vent needs to be replaced, we will offer to replace it with a matching unit, if possible. 

clean air duct vent after our air duct cleaning service
A recently cleaned air duct work

Cleaning of all ductwork

Using a specialized combination of a vacuum and compressed air, we will capture the dust and debris and remove it from your system's ductwork. 

Cleaning the air handler and coils

The moisture created by the evaporator coils often enables dust particles to reduce its efficiency, especially if there is improper use or a dirty air filter. We will dust the coils to remove debris.

recently cleaned air conditioner radiator
freshly cleaned air conditioner fan or blower

Cleaning of the AC's Blower

Because the blower is responsible for pushing all the air through your ductwork, it is a common area for dust to congregate. We will clean the blower of any dust that may have stuck to it over time. 

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