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Air Conditioning


Our Promise for all ChillTech Services

Friendly Service

When you choose ChillTech for your Air Conditioner Service Provider you become a part of the ChillTech Family. 

Upfront Pricing

We will always provide you with a detailed quote and explanation of services prior to any AC Service being started!

Licensed & Insured

We meet or exceed all local or state standards and only use certified parts from trusted brands for our services

A newly installed air conditioning unit

AC Installation

If your Air Conditioner is experiencing a high number of needed repairs in a quick succession, it is likely time to consider getting a new unit. 

Over the lifespan of a typical AC unit, roughly 10 years, technology in home comfort makes significant improvements. This means that much of the costs of the replacement can be made up in energy savings! 

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Time to replace that aging AC?

Signature Maintenance Plans

Choice and Superior
Save up to 20%!

Protect your investment with regular maintenance, plus save on every service!

How do you know if your AC might need replacement?

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Your AC is over 10 years old

The average lifetime of an Air Conditioner is somewhere between 10-15 years, but our North Florida weather take more of a toll on units. So if your AC is nearing its geriatric stage of life, it is probably a good time for replacement.

Repair costs are adding up

Sometimes it becomes more cost effective to just replace the unit instead going to battle with endless repairs. Plus, you will have the added benefit of saving on energy month after month with a new unit!

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Graph representing savings on a chilltech customers energy bill

Energy bills keep increasing over time

Efficiency is the bread and butter of AC quality. As your unit ages, its efficiency slowly decreases. But a sudden, consistent rise in your bill is a sign it is time for a new unit.

Your warranty has expired

Now if something happened to your air conditioner, you're on the hook for the cost of the repairs. The savings in repair costs and energy bills typically outweighs the cost of having an new AC unit installed

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Seen some of these signs?

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