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Air Conditioner

Repairs and Service

Our Promise for all ChillTech Services

Friendly Service

When you choose ChillTech for your Air Conditioner Service Provider you become a part of the ChillTech Family. 

Upfront Pricing

We will always provide you with a detailed quote and explanation of services prior to any AC Service being started!

Licensed & Insured

We meet or exceed all local or state standards and only use certified parts from trusted brands for our services

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AC Service & Repairs

North Florida's weather ranges from freezing cold to blistering hot. Your Air Conditioning unit works hard to heat or cool your home and those cycles take a toll. Eventually your AC is going to need a tuneup or repair in order for it to effectively battle our wild First Coast weather. 

When the time comes that you think your Air Conditioner has finally met its match, that's when you call ChillTech of North Florida!

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Tired of the AC blowing hot air?

Signature Maintenance Plans

Choice and Superior
Save up to 20%!

Protect your investment with regular maintenance, plus save on every service!

Signs that you may need Air Conditioner Repairs

Air conditioner thermostat being adjusted

AC isn't turning on

Most likely you have an issue with your thermostat, which is a relatively simple and cost effective repair. 

Odd or New Noises

Usually when your AC starts making hissing or bubbling noises it is a sign that you have a refrigerant leak. Perhaps you hear a grinding, mechanical noise? That's a good sign that your air handler is in need of repair.

Air Conditioner refrigerant guage in use
Hand feeling cool air from their air conditioner vent

Air from the vents is not blowing as strong

To move all that air, your AC comes equipped with a blower motor. When the air isn't moving as much as normal, you likely are in need of a fan belt or blower motor repair. 

There is ice on your AC Unit

This is another good sign that your Air Conditioner has a refrigerant issue. If you see ice on your unit, you should seek a repair ASAP to prevent serious damage.

Snowflake representing how cold an AC can make your home
Condensation off an HVAC unit dripping into a puddle

Water pooling at the bottom

It is normal to see some moisture, but if you notice a significant pooling or dripping on your unit, your drip pan line is likely clogged.

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Seen some of these signs?

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