Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance

Studies, like the one done by JEA, show that dirty air filters alone can have a tendency to ring up around $240.00 extra in electric bills a year! So why let your money slowly circle the drain, when ChillTech of North Florida could keep your AC running efficiently and your money in your pocket where it belongs!

At ChillTech, we believe in providing our clients with energy saving solutions that not only help them to cut down on unnecessary costs, but also break down all those pesky unwanted costs of keeping cool. To ensure that every solution we provide for you is successful, we’ve designed what we call Energy Saving Agreements.

Our Energy Saving Agreements (ESA) allow you to keep your cooling systems at its peak performance all year long, and give you access to annual check-ups, emergency AC repair services, and so much more. Through a medley of different ESA options, you can also choose the level of maintenance that ChillTech provides. However, we find it important for you to keep in mind that Energy Star recommends that you maintain all your AC equipment with at least an annual pre-season checkup to ensure that your cooling system is operating at peak performance, and to avert any voided manufacturer warranties. In fact, most manufacturer’s warranties require you to have regular scheduled maintenance.

So, we encourage you to explore our air conditioning maintenance Energy Saving Agreement inclusion options below:

  • One Free Diagnostic – This allows a ChillTech technician to diagnose a working problem in your system that caused your system to shut down.
  • Tighten All Wiring Connections – Poor or loose connections in your system will inflict damage on key components of your unit. We fix those.
  • Test for Proper Voltage – Improper voltage levels can causes extensive damage and harm to your compressor. We test for these, adjust your voltage and help you prevent these spikes in the future.
  • Test Blower Motor – Inappropriate airflow can drastically lower the efficiency of your entire system. Our techs are able to find, diagnosis and adjust this.
  • Test Heat Strip– Damaged heat strips can result in outrageous electric bills. We test these strips and ensure both proper operation and AMP draw.
  • Lubricate Motors – Lubrication is necessary in all motors. We provide this service to ensure the safety and longevity of all the bearings in the motor.
  • Test Evaporator Coil – Dirty indoor coils can cause elevated utility bills. We will diagnose and advice for these conditions.
  • Test Safety Switches – Safety switches are essential to your automatic controls. Our tech will test them to ensure proper operation.
  • Condenser Coil Cleaning – Dirty outdoor coils can cause excessive wear on your system’s compressor. We will clean your coils the safe  and proper way.
  • Test Condenser Fan Motor – Improper airflow will reduce the overall efficiency of the system. We will test these to ensure proper operation.
  • Adjust Fan Blade – Improper alignment in your unit’s fan blades result in destructive vibrations within your system. We have the proper tools to get you blades back in balance.
  • Test Relays and Capacitors – Weak capacitors shorten the life of every component in a system. We have the proper tools to test these.
  • Test for Proper AMP Draw on Compressor and Fan Motors – This process lets us know if a component is operating properly or not, as well as how to fix it.
  • Test Refrigerant Pressures – Improper refrigerant charges can cause extremely high utility bills, and our tester allow us to quickly diagnose and fix these problems.
  • Clean and Flush Condensate Pan and Drain – Drain lines tend to clog and cause water to overflow your system and often your home. We will help prevent this catastrophe.
  • Test Coil Temperatures for Proper Cooling/Heating – Malfunctioning controls coils can cause premature wear on several components of your system. We catch them before they get too far.
  • Test System in Cooling/Heating for Proper Operation – This process allows us to test the overall operation of your equipment to ensure each piece is functioning properly.