Even though October has arrived and many people around the country are experiencing cooler temperatures, residents in Jacksonville are still enjoying warm and sunny days. While you might not be running your air conditioner quite as often, there are still days when it runs for a few hours to keep your home’s interior temperature from rising too much. At ChillTech of North Florida, we can provide air conditioning repair and maintenance service that keeps your cooling system running all season.

Even though you might be able to keep your air conditioner off for a majority of the day, you still want to make sure it’s properly maintained and serviced, so that when those hot days do come, it doesn’t break down and leave you sweating. If your AC is making noise or you’ve noticed visible leaks in the exterior unit, it’s best to call a professional right away. Catching a leak or fixing a faulty part sooner rather than later can help you save on a costly repair bill in the future. The ChillTech team can inspect and diagnose any residential AC issue, and we won’t leave until the problem has been resolved.

Cooler days are coming, and if you live in Jacksonville, you’re probably ready for a reprieve. But on those days when you truly need your air conditioner, make sure it’s in perfect working order by calling us for repair and maintenance. We’ll provide honest service every time, and listen to your needs and concerns regarding your cooling system.